Toguz Kumalak / Toguz Korgool

Toguz Universe is focussing on play and strategy of Toguz Kumalak (Kazakh for nine pebbles/balls and Toguz Korgool is it’s Kyrgyz name which means nine dung balls), to read more about the rules and the history of the game you can check out the following English resources:

  • We highly recommend Mancala World to read more about the history of Toguz Kumalak. Besides that you’ll also find the rules and other information there.
  • There’s a very nice explanation of the rules with pictures on igGameCenter. This is also the best and only place to play Toguz Kumalak online.
  • Visit Wikipedia for a shorter version of the history and the rules.

Click here for more links or dive right into one of the following subjects:

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